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Next Club Evening - Quiz Night - Wednesday the 7th of June

Yes its Quiz Night!! Come along and pit your wits against your friends and colleagues, enjoy free food (as usual), have a drink from the bar and maybe even win a (very) small prize! Subjects are NOT aviation related so you don't need anything other than general knowledge.

Always a fun evening, this one is not to be missed.

More Club Events Planned

Here is the latest list of club events that you can join in with, more details nearer the time.

Saturday 24th June ...................Group Flyaway

Wednesday 5th July ..................Funny Drinks Night at Clubhouse

Wednesday 2nd August ............Fish & Chips at Clubhouse

Saturday 19th August ...............Festival of Flight Air Show

Sunday 20th August .................Festival of Flight Air Show

Saturday 2nd September .........Summer BBQ at Clubhouse

Wednesday 6th September .....Social at Clubhouse

Saturday 23rd September .......Group Flyaway

Wednesday 4th October ..........Social at Clubhouse

Membership Renewal

As you may be aware, membership subscriptions were due by the 1st of April 2017 and your committee decided that there would be no increase for this coming year, provided that you renewed before the 1st of April. However as this deadline has now passed, Full flying membership is now priced at £207.00 if you pay using PayPal, otherwise by any other payment method it is £200.

You can also pay for Social membership on this page at a cost of £31.22 or £30 by any other payment method.

Renew now

Don Perch

Sadly we recently heard of the loss of one of Biggin Hill's greats and our President - Don Perch - who died aged 94, after a short illness, in hospital surrounded by his family.

Don's funeral was held on the 2nd of March at the Biggin Hill St Georges chapel which was full to capacity with friends and family.

This tribute is from Ian Saville, long standing member of Alouette:


As far as I'm aware Don was a flying instructor for the RAF during WW2 based in Canada. I think he was instructing on Harvards. I'm pretty sure he started Alouette up at Croydon airport with the help of David Brown and Peter Wayne to mention a few, in I think 1957. The senior instructors  under his tutelage and his loyal team were Geoff Newnes, Bert Little, Frank Lawson, Mike Townsend and Nial Mandell. There maybe others I've forgotten and haven't mentioned.

The Stalwart members I recall were Maurice Kearns , Audrey Hills, Mike Warner, Tony Whiteman, Mike Morley, Dudley Relph, Mike Billington,  Jim and Kate (surname forgotten) Derek Shepherd, Jon Groom, Terry Gordon, Tony Edmunds and a host of others who were all tested by Don for their GFTs.

Remembered on several occasions were when he came back to the club house after giving Terry G a lesson was to say “Do you know what chaps, Terry teaches me something new each time I go go flying with him!” without mentioning what this something was - but we all knew what he meant.

The other occasion which sticks in my mind was when Don was converting me to a Robin. I was attempting to land but drew a complete blank as to what to do next at about five feet above Rwy21. He calmly asked me if I had taken a mortgage out on the five foot of airspace above Rwy 21 which by then had nearly run out. Cut the throttle and pull the stick back NOW Ian.

The next was when I had completed my GFT. Can I try out some aeros? asks Don. My fear of aeros was well known since I was taken up and made thoroughly sick by another pilot in my early days. I said sure Don thinking to myself you're going to be ill again Ian. We completed 2 loops, 2 stall turn, a barrel roll and a hesitation roll. All of which were conducted with the G meter showing 1 G at the end of it all.

Brilliant I was exhilarated,  the most beautifully conducted  show of airman-ship I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying with absolutely NO wobbly feelings at all.

There were many, many more too numerous to mention.

Ian Saville


Many thanks to Biggin Hill Reunited ( for allowing us to publish part of the above article.

Member's photos

One of our members, Pete Thomson, sent over a few pictures from a recent outing in Juliet Oscar, our PA28 and we particularly like this one as it has a certain feel about it evoking the feeling of satisfaction at the end of a good day's flying.


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What's at the end of the Yellow Line

Recently our Warrior had a scrape around the back of the maintenance hangar. Read flying instructor Bruno's interesting and informative report - and the conclusions he draws from the incident.

Read the report

Waterford - or bust!

An account of a trip to Waterford, finally completed in August 2011 but attempted many, many times before!

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Video diary

Want to know what it is like to fly one of our aircraft? The video diary page shows some videos provided by our members in our Cessna 172 and Piper Warrior PA28 aircraft.

View the video diary

Trial flights

We offer trial flights of one hour duration with a qualified instructor. The recipient will spend most of this time at the controls of the aircraft. The flight will be from our club house at Biggin Hill and will return to Biggin Hill.

More about trial flights

Learning to fly

We have four resident instructors and an examiner and offer flight training including JAA PPL, NPPL, IMC, Night Ratings, Safety Pilot courses and check-outs.

More about learning to fly

How to find us

You can find the Alouette club house on Churchill Way, just off the A233. Although travelling by car is easier, you can access the club by bus. Bromley South and Orpington train stations are a 20 minute drive.

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