Aircraft Bookings

At Alouette we now have two on-line booking systems, one to reserve an aircraft (VOR) and an instructor, if necessary, the other to actually book out that aircraft (The Booking Out system), record the flight details and calculate the payment due to the club.

Booking of our aircraft is only open to full flying members of the club.

The website and booking system have been tested with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Please remember these are ‘live’ systems, so do not make bookings that you do not intend to honour.

For those who are unable to book over the internet, the booking service is currently operated by Russell Dennis.

Russell's number is 07703 397 534 Monday to Friday 0900-1800 or you can contact him via email at

If you don't have access to the internet at home, you can always make use of facilities at the clubhouse to make the booking.


Club Rules

The booking system does not enforce all the club rules (e.g. about how long in advance you can book and how many advanced bookings you can make). Club members found to be breaking the booking rules will be disciplined.

Sharing Flights

The VOR system allows members to say if there will be empty seats on flights. In this way, other members wanting to 'go along for the ride' will be able to find free seats and share the joy of flying.


One of the great advantages will be looking out the window on a Saturday morning, seeing glorious weather and being able to check if the plane is free.


If the plane is booked for the time you want, it is possible to make a provisional booking. In this case, if the original booking is cancelled yours will become the official booking.

Trial flights

We offer trial flights of one hour duration with a qualified instructor. The recipient will spend most of this time at the controls of the aircraft. The flight will be from our club house at Biggin Hill and will return to Biggin Hill.

More about trial flights

Alouette news

Want to find out what is going on at the club? You can view video diaries from Alouette pilots as well as details about social events, club grub nights and other important club information on our ‘latest news’ page.

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How to find us

You can find the Alouette club house on Churchill Way, just off the A233. Although travelling by car is easier, you can access the club by bus. Bromley South and Orpington train stations are a 20 minute drive.

How to find Alouette

Video diary

Want to know what it is like to fly one of our aircraft? The video diary page shows some videos provided by our members in our Cessna 172 and Piper Warrior PA28 aircraft.

View the video diary

Members online booking system

Alouette full flying members can log into the online booking system to reserve one of the club’s aircraft.

Only instructors and current Full Flying members of Alouette are permitted to log into this system.

Members are expected to abide by the rules of the club and are reminded that:

1. You may not book more than two time slots at any one time, in fact the system prevents this.

2. If taking an aircraft for a whole day, or more, a minimum tacho time of 2 hours per day should be flown. This may be averaged over a number of days, if appropriate. For instance on a 3 day trip, 6 hours tacho time should be flown in total.

3. If you wish to take an aircraft for a trip that involves an overnight stay, please talk to the booking service administrator first.

4. Please remember to cancel any bookings you can no longer honour.

Alouette Flying Club does not take any responsibility for any loss, damage or other problem caused by use of this system. Users therefore make use of the system entirely at their own risk.  

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