Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to questions that we are asked on a regular basis here at Alouette.

What is the cost of Social Membership and what benefits are there?

Social Membership, as the name suggests, allows you to become a member of Alouette and join in with social events such as our summer barbeques, winter talks, food nights or simply to come along on a Wednesday or Saturday evening for a chat and a drink at the bar. In addition, if you fly as a passenger in one of our aircraft, your membership means you are covered by our insurance. At £35 per annum we believe this is excellent value and whether you are just interested in aviation, or used to be a pilot, we will welcome you to our club.

New for 2019, if you are a full flying member, that is a qualified Pilot or a Student of Alouette, your partner will enjoy free social membership.

What should I do next?

Contact our Chairman or Secretary to discuss it further or pop along to the club house on the first Wednesday evening of the month from 8:30 pm onwards or come and visit the club on a Saturday or Sunday, there will usually be somebody about to chat to. You can take a trial lesson just to see if you're comfortable at the controls of a light aircraft. During the lesson you will be given the opportunity to fly the aircraft yourself under the watchful eye of your instructor. Any time that you spend during this trial flight can be logged and can go towards your flying training.

Are the Aircraft well maintained?

We lease our aircraft from a company based on Biggin Hill Aerodrome. They lease aircraft to many other flying clubs and regularly maintain the aircraft to the very high CAA standard.

Where can I fly once I get my PPL?

Your PPL will allow you to fly almost anywhere in the world. It is recognised internationally. Our Cessna 172 has flown to Morocco and trips to France, Belgium, Ireland and the Channel Islands are common.

What benefits do I get from Alouette as a member?

As a student you will receive first class training in good quality aircraft. Students have free use of the clubs headsets. As a member of Alouette you are expected to participate in the running of the club in any way you can, whether it be contributing some time washing the aircraft, cutting the lawn, tidying up the club house, it's all important. You are expected to take an active part in the social side of the club, we are a flying club not just a flying school. In return you will benefit from the cheapest flying rate in the south of England. The club has a very strong social element, regular fly-aways occur throughout the year. The first Wednesday evening of each month, members meet at the club house for a social evening. Students are encouraged to come along to meet other students and club members. It is a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

How much will it actually cost to get a Private Pilot Licence?

You may have seen advertisements in the aviation press and other flying clubs, a fixed price to get your PPL. Be aware, these prices are based on 45 hours flying training. This is minimum period of time that a student must accomplish to satisfy the Civil Aviation Authority before a license is granted, however the average period is about 55 hours. To learn to fly at Alouette there are the following charges to consider: The hourly rental of the aircraft, the instructors fee of £36.00 per hour, payable to the instructor, the landing fee of £45.00, and the annual club membership fee £120.00 per year. From 2019, the one-off joining fee has now been removed. In addition, there are exams and licence fees. You do not pay for the flying in advance, you pay as you go, therefore you learn at your own pace. If your training or budget needs to be spread out over a longer period of time , that's OK. Fixed price training requires you to complete your 45 hours within a set time scale, at Alouette you can take as long as you like. However we have recently added a new package which provides an initial 5 hours training at a preferential rate, please see the Learning to fly page for more details.

Why is Alouette's flying rate cheaper than anyone else?

Alouette Flying Club is a non profit making organisation that is run by it's members, we do not have any payroll staff. The more flying hours that our aircraft do, the cheaper our flying rate becomes.

What licences are available to me?

Since 2014 all new licenses are European (EASA) licenses issued by the CAA. There are basically two types, the PPL (A) and the LAPL(A) and each has specific training and examination requirements as well as restrictions on what you fly and when. To gain a LAPL(A) licence you will need to have 30 hours of flight training, for a PPL(A) its 45 hours. Note these are minimum figures. For more information, please take a look at the CAA website.

Trial flights

We offer trial flights of one hour duration with a qualified instructor. The recipient will spend most of this time at the controls of the aircraft. The flight will be from our club house at Biggin Hill and will return to Biggin Hill.

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Alouette news

Want to find out what is going on at the club? You can view video diaries from Alouette pilots as well as details about social events, club grub nights and other important club information on our ‘latest news’ page.

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How to find us

You can find the Alouette club house on Churchill Way, just off the A233. Although travelling by car is easier, you can access the club by bus. Bromley South and Orpington train stations are a 20 minute drive.

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Video diary

Want to know what it is like to fly one of our aircraft? The video diary page shows some videos provided by our members in our Cessna 172 and Piper Warrior PA28 aircraft.

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